PASIC 2016 Performance / by Andrew Angell

First I would like to say thank you to everyone that attended my session. I would also like to heartily thank Pearl, and AndersonPercussion for loaning me instruments for the performance, as well as the PAS Technology Committee for selecting my presentation. 

The session had an unfortunate number of technical difficulties, that were a big disappointment for me. However, I feel I was able to convey useful information, even if I didn’t get to perform all the pieces. 

I’d like to especially thank those of you that stayed around to ask questions and chat with me. I was very happy to hear your thoughts!


As promised I’ve included the presentation slides below for you to take a look at. Please feel free to keep and share them, but with proper attribution. 


I’ve also linked to a video below of the piece that was going to begin the session.


I hope you all have a great PASIC!