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Without Delay (But Not Really)

Metal Hurlant

A performance of Dave Hollinden's marimba solo Of Wind and Water.

Richard Rodney Bennett's After Syrinx II for marimba.

In December, 2013 I performed Jennifer Higdon's Percussion Concerto with the University of Washington Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Professor Timothy Salzman. The piece was written for Colin Currie, and features a split percussion setup with mallet instruments on one side of the stage and non-pitched percussion on the other. For this performance the solo part was split between two performers with me playing the non-pitched instruments.

Theses two videos are the first and third movements of Paul Lansky's Three Moves.

Dave Hollinden's multi-percussion work Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm

Below is a performance of Paper Cup Raft from May, 2012. The piece was composed jointly by Brian Pfeifer and myself. The composition was inspired by John Cage and Lou Harrison's Double Music in that we wrote or respective parts independently of each other and combined them. We were quite pleased with the results.