DIY Electronic Percussion Presentation at Washington State Day of Percussion by Andrew Angell

On Sunday, April 24th I had the great pleasure of presenting a lecture/demonstration on DIY electronic percussion. The event was very well attended, and I had a wonderful time talking with such an enthusiastic audience. I'll have a longer post about the day going up soon, but for now I wanted to share my presentation slides and a list of resource links that I promised. Please feel free to email me any questions, and thank you so much to everyone that attended!

Flowerpot Music No. I - Elliot Cole Commission by Andrew Angell

I’m very excited to have received the new piece by Elliot Cole commissioned by the Washington State New Works for Percussion Project.  The piece is called Flowerpot Music No. I. David Solomon and I will be premiering the duet on April 24th and the Washington State Day of Percussion being held at Meany Hall on the University of Washington Campus. We’re thrilled to present the premier performance and are really enjoying learning the piece.

Day of Percussion for Educators @ Western Washington University by Andrew Angell

     This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of presenting at the Percussive Arts Society Washington State Chapter’s Day of Percussion for Educators at Western Washington University in Bellingham. While the name of the event is a bit of a mouthful, the concept is really great. It is a day of clinics put on the by the Washington State PAS to give music educators a refresher on percussion techniques, lit, and in the case of my presentation, tuning and maintenance. There was an excellent turn out for this DoP for Educators and the attendees were an enthusiastic group that were very fun to work with. Other presenters at the event include Dr. Patrick Roulette, Melanie Voytovich, Matt Drum, Dr. Kendra McClean, and Memmi Ochi. We received some very positive and useful feedback from the educators, and are very much looking forward to the next DoP for Educators currently scheduled for March 12 at the University of Puget Sound.

Freneyhough and Applebaum by Andrew Angell

    On Friday, February 19th, I performed in a concert featuring Brian Ferneyhough’s music. The evening was part of the Wayward Music Series in Seattle, WA, and was the culmination of a week-long residency of Ferneyhough at the University of Washington. The concert also feature the music of Joel Durand and Mark Applebaum. I had the pleasure of performing a piece by each of the composers on the program that evening. The most rewarding moments for me as a performer came when I played Applebaum’s Entre Funerailles II for solo vibraphone. I found that this piece gave me a very special opportunity as a performer to be a soloist on stage, and yet fade a bit into the background of the consciousness of the audience. 

    Applebaum wrote the piece to be played as an interlude on a concert of Ferneyhough’s music. The very idea of this fascinated me immediately. I think of an interlude as being a break or a pause. Perhaps it is even a rest in whatever proceedings are taking place. I decided in my performance of the piece that I wanted to draw the audience in; to command their attention. However, I also wanted my performance to function distinctly and deliberately as a break and a rest amidst the other music of the evening. This seems to almost be a contradiction in some ways, but I felt that I was able to achieve this duality in my realization of the piece. It was a very special moment for me as a performer. I believe the fact that I was able to turn my intentions into reality is largely due to Applebaum’s skill as a composer, nevertheless I am proud of that performance and will remember it fondly.